Danish Food

Back in Indonesia, we used to eat this type of cookies that we call butter cookies. That was the extent of our knowledge of Danish food until we went to Solvang.

Sure, there are many places that sells only desserts. It is only to be expected and they are simply exceptional. I had the best butter cookies and tea biscuits in a place called Olsen’s Danish Bakery. We had our first taste of æbleskiver, which are rounded Danish pancakes, in a place called Red Viking Restaurant. Another place specialized in Belgian waffles. You might want to ask: what is a Belgian waffle doing in a Danish village? Well, it turns out that Belgian waffles are not from Belgium, but from North America. Its presence in Solvang now makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Desserts, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. While talking to some people at the hotel we were staying in, we came across a couple who recommended a place called Pea Soup Andersens Inn. As you have probably guessed, their specialty is split-pea soup. I never really liked peas but the soup is delicious. Beware, however, of the incredibly large portion! If you are traveling with other people, make sure to share your food.

Restaurants aside, there are many places that specializes in wine or chocolate. We are not old enough to go wine-tasting, but we visited a vineyard and had plenty of fun there.

All in all, Solvang provided a wonderful culinary experience. If you have a chance to go visit this city, don’t hesitate!

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4 thoughts on “Danish Food

  1. Ah Danish butter cookies! I feel hungry already! I love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine and liking my post. I’m a newbie and it was so encouraging 🙂


  2. In Belgium they have Brussels Waffles and Liège Waffles (I’m not sure if I know the difference). When I was in the Netherlands, I had something called a Stroopwafel, which is much thinner, and has syrup in the centre – you rest them on your cup of coffee so they melt a little before eating – delicious!

    I’m looking forward to trying some Danish food when I go to Denmark in October.

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