Seattle [Day 1]

We visited out friends last weekend in Seattle. Packing light and expecting a lot of rain, we boarded the plane at six in the morning. When we arrived, I was hit by the abrupt change in, well, everything. The trees were greener and much more ample than in LA (even though a local woman told us that, since it was winter, it was rather brown). The air was cold but fresh. The sky was cloudy, but thankfully it did not rain. Untitled-1 We took the Light Rail train from the Airport to Downtown Seattle. Our first stop was Pioneer Square. For those who are interested in history and scary-tours, be sure to visit the Seattle Underground Tour, which faces Pioneer Square. It takes you to a couple of places: one particular tour brings you around places that used to be opium dens and prostitution houses, another takes you to Old Seattle, which is now buried underground because of problems with the sewage system in the early 20th century.

I find it fascinating that a town such as Seattle would have a ‘hidden civilization’ underneath the ground. My sister used to be asthmatic, so we did not try to go inside (and we’re not 21 anyway, so we can’t go to the Old Seattle Red Light district). Rather, as we walked up and down Downtown Seattle, we checked the sewer openings and indeed, on some occasions, we can see the shape of a wall underneath our feet!

Our second stop was Pike Place and neighboring areas. It’s truly a special place. The food is good, the people are friendly, and the whole place was just fascinating. I wrote more about it here.

After that we met up with out friends and they took us to Starbucks Reserve, where we spent hours just talking. It was a great place, especially for coffee-lovers (the gift cards are great gifts for friends). There is always the smell of coffee in the air and I feel like people study really well in there. My hypothesis was affirmed by my friend, who said that she would study there! Thus ended my first day at Seattle!

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