Pike Market Place

Pike Place was one of the best things I experienced in Seattle. Let’s talk about some of the things that I fell in love with.

Perennial Tea Room

Perennial Tea Room

While walking down the streets, I stumbled across this lovely little tea place. Now there were many coffee shops and not enough tea rooms in the United States, at least in my opinion, so I went in straight away. Perennial Tea Room was a unique, interesting place that everyone must visit. It has a wide selection of tea from all over the world. I got the Imperial Russian Caravan and bought a bag of Doomur Dullung Estate Assam tea. The owners were two friendly ladies who told us that tisane is the proper way of calling herbal tea and that Darjeeling is great for afternoon tea.

Lionheart Bookstore

Lionheart BookstoreThe storekeeper was a friendly man who spoke French. loved books, and enjoyed talking to people from different places. He showed us a collection of postcards that he received from customers all around the world. For those who has visited this place and would like to send that nice man a greeting from another part of the world, write to:

Lionheart Bookstore: 1501 Pike Place, Ste 432, Seattle WA 98101

Market Spice

Market SpiceTea, spices, coffee…Market Spice has it all. There is a free sampling of tea in the corner, so if you don’t know what you’re getting, I suggest you try what they have! I went there two days in a row, and the selection they had was simply marvelous. I bought some white tea, just because I’ve never tasted one in my life.

This place also has great dry rub and a collection of mugs, jars, and plates. It’s definitely worth checking out!

2nd Hand Gala

2nd Hand GalaThis store sells great vintage stuff. There were so many things that I wanted to buy but sadly not enough space in my suitcase. They have beautiful little trinkets that would make great gifts, however, and for a reasonable price.

There are many stores that sell similar things in Pike Place, but this is one of my personal favorite. I spent quite some time just browsing the store.

Raven’s Nest Treasures

RVT 2Indeed, Raven’s Nest Treasures is a nest of treasures. One of the things I love the most is the display of Native Americans clothes.

Another interesting feature is the bowl of illustrated pebbles at the corner. You are supposed to pick one up and there is a book where you can determine what kind of person you are. I picked twice, just to make sure I had the right one, and got puma both times. Puma means leadership. I like what I got.

Post Alley

Post AlleyPost Alley has plenty of interesting things. Inside, there was a store that sold dairy products that I simply love. I forgot what it’s called, but if anyone knows, I’d appreciate it if you can tell me!

We ate at Pike Place Chowder Co., Seattle’s Award-Winning chowder place. It was wonderful, by far the best Chowder I’ve ever eaten in my life. Just make sure that if you order the bread bowl Chowder, you share it with someone else, because the portion was huge…I wasn’t complaining, though!

Original Starbucks

Original StarbucksThis place can be considered a ‘tourist trap’ because of the horde of tourists coming in to see where the giant coffee business of Starbucks got started.

The coffee might taste the same, but there is certainly prestige in going to the Original Starbucks! Also, the gift cards make perfect souvenirs! I got some for my friends and they loved it!

Gum Wall

Gum WallI wonder who stuck the first gum on the wall and started Seattle’s infamous Gum Wall. For those who likes quirky places, this is definitely something you should see. Be careful not to touch the walls, though!

Sometimes, people would drive into the alley, so be careful! You don’t want to be run over, but you don’t want to touch the gums, either!

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13 thoughts on “Pike Market Place

  1. Seattle is home to me, but I have never tired of visiting Pike Place and all sorts of other touristy places in the city and region. Glad you seem to have had a good time in my hometown!


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