There’s Something About Airports…

There’s something about airports that make me want to stay there for hours. I would leave about five hours earlier than my departure time, just so I can have time to enjoy sitting on the waiting room with a cup of coffee and a good book.

People asked me why I loved airports so much. Honestly, I can’t say why.

Maybe it’s because of the various kinds of people I see. Some of them cry when they leave. Some laugh. Some are busy with their phones, with their books, with their children.

Maybe because it’s a time where I can relax. In the airport, the troubles I leave behind and the troubles I am heading towards (if there are any) do not exist.

Maybe it’s because of the anticipation of the trip to come…I know that when they announce that the gate to my flight has been opened, I jump out of my seat in joy.

All I can say is that airports are great. When I returned to LA from Seattle, our plane had to take a detour to Salt Lake City, Utah. Other people were complaining about it, and I understand why (they have things to do at home and arriving in LA at midnight isn’t the best feeling) but I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot.

30 thoughts on “There’s Something About Airports…

  1. I also enjoy a lot airport… and I go early because I never know if there will be traffic jam on the way, also I enjoy the fact its “international” and takes to new places far far away


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