Chilling at Central Perk

The first episode of Friends aired a month before I was born. I started watching it when I was ten. Up until now, I keep watching and re-watching it…after all, who could get bored with it?

One thing that I’ve always wondered about when watching an episode of Friends is how it would feel like to sit in Central Perk, their coffee shop hangout. Last week, during a VIP Studio Tour at Warner Bros Studios, I got the chance to do just that.

It is smaller than it seemed on camera, but there are various movie tricks they used to make it seem big. The actor of Ross Geller, David Schwimmer, is a very tall guy and he could walk from the door to their sofa in three strides. He always had a line when he walked in to divert our attention from the fact that he crossed the room so fast!

The set had to be remodeled a little, but a lot of things remained the same. There was Phoebe’s guitar and her microphone. There was the chalkboard that they screened during the last episode, covered with tons of hair spray so that the writing won’t disappear. It was like going back in time.

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42 thoughts on “Chilling at Central Perk

  1. OMG do I feel old if it first aired a month before you were born.
    I still love watching the reruns on Netflix, I never get tired of it. I’d love to see the set, lucky you.


  2. I like Seinfeld reruns. I’ve rarely seen the same one twice. They must have made a zillion. However, I also like coffee. I’d love to see a compilation of all the quirky names for coffee shops.


  3. Love reading this post as my wife and I have always been huge Friends fans. The US is on our travel plans this year, all of June and July, can’t wait to get see your amazing country again.


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