The Getty Museum and Villa

We’ve talked a lot about other places, now let’s shift the focus closer to home.

The J. Paul Getty Museum is dedicated to art and architecture. It stands on top of a hill and overlooks the city of Los Angeles. When you get there, you will have to ride a shuttle up the hill. The view is amazing.

Once you reach the Getty Center, there is going to be a reception desk. There are people who are more than happy to tell you what the museum is about, what to do, and recommendations regarding what event to go to (there are always plenty of that!) Don’t be afraid to ask! If you want, there is even an phone app where you can read the information and professional analysis of an artwork.

Let’s now see some of the things that I find very interesting:

  • The Central Garden: a beautiful, beautiful place. There are lots of flowers, trees, and a pond with an amazing geometric design at its center. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  • Architecture and interior exhibitions: the amount of details put into each furniture is just amazing. Things are symmetrical and simply lovely.
  • The topmost floor, overlooking Los Angeles.
  • And of course, the art exhibits.

The Getty Villa has a different kind of feeling to it. It is dedicated to preserving ancient world of Greece and Rome. The whole museum is designed to look like Roman bathhouses, I think, or the Senate House. There is a very long pool, surrounded by columns, that I find beautiful. The statues and jars are amazing.

There are always temporary exhibitions and museum talks. If you like art and history, I suggest you go try them out if you have the chance because it is just so interesting. You can find more information about it here.

19 thoughts on “The Getty Museum and Villa

  1. I’m so disappointed I didn’t go there last time I was in LA. I had every intention but it just didn’t happen. Will have to go back now!!


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