Touchdown: New Orleans

I have heard stories about New Orleans, both the good and the bad, that I created this image in my mind of what it would look like; the French Quarter here, jazz musicians there, good food everywhere. This spring break, we have had the chance to go visit New Orleans for four days. The things we see there, the things we experience, make me think that this city is much more than what you hear.

When we first arrived in New Orleans, it was seven in the morning. I looked out of the airport windows and saw gigantic thunderclouds and pouring rain. When we went outside, the rain was so strong that I found myself thinking, “Have I made the right decision in coming to New Orleans?”

I got even more frustrated when we walked around the French Quarter. The check-in time for our hotel was three o’clock, so we had to lug our suitcases around in the rain. By the time we reached the hotel, I was ready to burrow into the bed and not come out.

But then the rain let up a little. We headed out, ate good food, talked with some locals, went people-watching. Things perked up after that. During our stay in New Orleans, we explored the French Quarter, visited the Garden District, entered old houses and convents, walked around cemeteries, relaxed by the Mississippi, glimpsed at various parts of town, ate wonderful food, danced to music, and listened to stories; old and recent, frightening and hopeful, magical and mundane…New Orleans has it all.

This trip has been like a fairytale. I first stepped on New Orleans ground thinking that I would not like my stay there; I left vowing that I would return.

There are so many stories to tell, so for the next few days we will be uploading different posts to talk about the different facets of the city. Stay tuned!

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