French Quarter

The French Quarter is one of my best experiences in New Orleans. Walking through the streets was like living in the past, where there were pirates and balls and voodoo queens. It was like a quest to find treasures. It was like trying to find out way through a maze. Even though there was no actual destination, every little thing we found was wonderful. When you think French Quarter, you think Bourbon Street. When you think Bourbon Street, you think of bars and music and nightlife. While that is certainly amazing, there are plenty of other things to do in the French Quarter. Don’t limit yourself to one street…explore everything from one end to the other.

What we’ve found out:

The French Quarter has great shops and little cafés where you can stop and rest when you get tired. It is a very artsy place so you will find a lot of shops with great displays. Some are cluttered and others are neat, but each has their own charms. Also, if you’re looking to buy gifts, go to the French Market. You’ll find amazing stuff at a reasonable price.


There are remnants from French, Spanish, African and English culture. It’s truly a unique place. I find it interesting that I can find fleur-de-lis everywhere! It has lovely architecture that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time…and certainly it has been around for a while!


Jackson Square is a lovely, relaxing place with great events. We passed it at night and there were cats  inside the gates! It must be some sort of meeting place for them. There were a lot of cats running around town, so don’t be surprised if you, like me, entered a courtyard and found a little kitten!


There is always music playing, especially in Bourbon street at night or at the corner of St. Peter and Royal during the day. Truly, les bons temps existent toujours!


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68 thoughts on “French Quarter

  1. I doubt I will ever see it, but thank you for the exciting photos – really enjoyed the pictures and your experience of this lovely place.


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