New Orleans Food

One of the things that make New Orleans so special is the food. From the first time I had my first meal  to the last, impromptu visit to get beignets early in the morning, my culinary experience in New Orleans has been simply remarkable. Here I’ve listed some of the food unique to New Orleans and where to find them:


IMG_1727The most famous eatery in New Orleans, Café du Monde, serves beignets 24/7. I would go early in the morning to have a beignet breakfast with café au lait. At night, if I’m hungry, I would walk to Café du Monde and have some beignets with hot chocolate.

Alligator Meat

IMG_1604I found a T-shirt in the French Market that said, “Alligator Meat: the New White Meat.” I was curious, so I ordered a plate of Alligator. It was actually really good. It’s available everywhere, but I suggest you try the gator-on-a-stick at World Famous N’awlins Cafe & Spice Emporium in the French Market.

Cajun Food

IMG_1894When you think New Orleans, you think Gumbo, Jambalaya, Po’boy. All these are Cajun Food, which is a type of cuisine brought by Acadian French to Louisiana. Po’boys are good as to-go food (it’s a type of sandwich) but if you want to eat until you’re full, get Gumbo or Jambalaya instead.

Creole Food

IMG_1605Creole cuisine is influenced by a lot of cultures: French, West African, Spanish, Amerindian, and Caribbean. It’s similar to Cajun food, but it it uses tomatoes while Cajun food does not. Some of the food we tried is the Louisiana Red Beans and Rice,  Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé and Shrimp Remoulade.

Commander’s Palace

IMG_1829Commander’s Palace is one of the best restaurants I’ve visited in the United States. The food was good, the place is lovely, and the service was top-notch! It’s also very affordable. I suggest the turtle soup with sherry for appetizer and the Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé for dessert. For entrées…well, everything is amazing!


  • Before you visit La Divina at the French Quarter, brush up on your poetry skills! If you can guess the Poetry of the Day, you’ll get a free scoop of gelato.
  • Antoine’s Restaurant has stood in the French Quarter since 1840. It’s a lovely place and makes you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.
  • Le Croissant D’or is a really great place to have breakfast. The croissant is awesome (as you can probably tell by the name!)
  • Pralines in New Orleans is cheap and everywhere. You can get it in almost every story for less than $1. My personal favorite, however, is the Royal Praline Company and the New Orleans School of Cooking. For those who travel with kids, the New Orleans School of Cooking is a great destination, where your children can learn how to cook!
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