The Garden District

On the second day of our stay in New Orleans, we went to the Garden District. We took the St. Charles Streetcar, which is a historic property, and were on our way. That in itself is a great experience. People were so nice and told us a lot about the city. The windows are open and someone tried to grab a passerby’s hat…don’t worry, it was his friend.

The first thing I thought about when we arrived at the Garden District was, “Whoa, the houses are huge!” Most of them are at least two stories tall with a garden that is actually green, something that we greatly miss in Los Angeles (for obvious reasons). The streets were still wet from the rain earlier in the morning; leaves scattered all around, hiding lizards from view…the landscape was so alive and beautiful.

We made reservations to have lunch in Commander’s Palace but we were, as usual, early. So we decided to explore the cemetery right across the street, the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. This cemetery has been the set for many movies, including Dracula, Double Jeopardy, and more recently, the TV Show the Originals. It’s a great place to take pictures…in the morning, of course!

Then we went to Commander’s Palace. It was one of my greatest culinary experience in the United States. Red our post here to read more about the food. I saw a group of  ladies dining there with beautiful dresses and fancy hats, eating Bread Pudding Soufflé. When we exited the restaurant, we took the wrong turn and ended up in the kitchen…had a sneak preview of how things were made in Commander’s Palace!

Another thing that I suggest you try is the Plantations Tour, recommended by a lot of local people. Sadly we did not have time to do it but when we return, we will definitely try it! If any one of you have done it before, comment down below and tell us what you think!

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35 thoughts on “The Garden District

  1. These are great shots! My favorite thing about New Orleans is the food. Every Christmas morning, it’s beignets for breakfast, and muffulettas for summer lunch on the patio.


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