Let’s Wrap This Up…

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about New Orleans. Our trip has been lovely and writing about it feels like experiencing it again. Afterwards we’ll set out on different projects, but here are some things to wrap this up!

Louis Armstrong Park

The Louis Armstrong Park is a park dedicated to jazz and New Orleans musicians. As you’d expect, it’s very artsy. There is the presence of water, rivers threading through the park and little lakes with ducks…it’s a great place to settle down with a good book or to have lunch. Through the gates we could see the Tremé Neighborhood. There are also other parks within the French Quarter, such as the New Orleans Musical Legends Park, which has lovely performances.


The Mississippi is undoubtedly one of the most famous American rivers. While we were there, we did not see the sparkling blue surface that inspired so many (it rained hard the day before we came, so the water was a little grey) but taking a stroll by the river was a great experience. There are many steamboats along the river. Past the French Quarter, there is the Riverwalk, a mall that sells good food and souvenirs that are uniquely New Orleans.

Cornstalk Hotel

The story of the Cornstalk Hotel is something we ought to mention. The wife of the owner came from the Midwest and while in New Orleans, she said that she missed the beautiful golden corn fields she would wake up to back at her father’s home. Hearing that, the owner made fences that resemble cornstalks so that she would feel at home.

Beauregard-Keyes House

As we’ve said in a previous post, we came across the Beauregard-Keyes House entirely by accident. The tour guide there was a very nice man with a sharp tongue…his remarks were hilarious. The house was beautiful and I especially loved the little pamphlet about Fan Etiquette in olden times. There, we had the chance to play a hundred-year-old piano.

There are many houses like this that you can visit in New Orleans. You can either find them out before your trip so you can plan better or see which ones pop up while you walk around the city! There’s no rush.

One last thing that I want to mention is to be careful in New Orleans. It’s a wonderful place but that doesn’t erase the fact that there are  people who will mean you harm…we came across two people who tried to fool us into giving them our money. My advice to you is simple: listen to your common sense. That includes not roaming empty streets alone at night, don’t accept drinks from strangers, and steer clear of fights in the bars. Remember this and you will be fine…you’ll enjoy the magic of one of the best cities in the world.

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37 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap This Up…

  1. G’day from down under.

    We’re looking at doing a 30-day rail-pass trip around the US in fall next year – starting in CA on the Zephyr, via Denver, Chicago, NY, DC, up to Montreal and back to Chicago).

    We’ve been tossing up whether to go back to CA on the Southwest Chief (Missouri, etc) or the City of New Orleans / Sunset Limited (New Orleans, and then through southern TX, NM and AZ)

    Your posts on New Orleans are helping sway me, I might tell you 🙂


    • Really? New orleans is truly beautiful and unique. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona too. I recommend researching Santa Fe in NM, it looks amazing! And of course, in Arizona there’s the Grand Canyon 😀
      Chicago, NY, DC, and Montreal are beautiful too though. We just came back from Chicago and it was a great experience!


  2. Before I was living in a rolling home I’d stay at 905 Royal. It’s right next door to the Cornstalk Hotel.
    My friend Belle stayed at the Cornstalk Hotel last spring when she came to visit me.


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