Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a laid-back shopping and food place located by the water. There are so great stuff to see, you can spend a whole day walking around without running out of things to do.


The best thing I like about Seaport Village is the atmosphere. There’s no rush to do anything…it feels just fine to walk around the complex. There are ponds and bridges, gnarly trees and flowers. There are lanterns hung on branches above your head and benches where you can rest after a long walk.


It’s fun looking at the quirky shops. There is one that sells soaps and smells simply wonderful. It’s called Presenting the Soap Opera. There is a pirate-themed shop that is always full of visitors. There are prank stores, Christmas stores, kite stores, hot sauce stores, hat stores…you name it! Food here is a little pricey, but considering the location and the scenery, it is understandable. There are, however, a huge selection of food that you can choose from. If you like wine-tasting, there is also a place for that!


There is a station if you want to rent a bike…the trail is by the water, so it offers both exercise and a lovely scenery. If you go a little further, you will come across the fish market, Tuna Harbor Park, and the USS Midway Museum. If you stand by the water, you can see the top of big glass buildings of San Diego peeking out of roofs of the shops at Seaport Village.


There are many artists around the area. When we went there, we came across a man who drew caricatures. There was another man who made sculptures that you can take a picture with. As you see below, an unknown artist made towers made of stones.


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37 thoughts on “Seaport Village

  1. I could spend a day or two there! If you come to the east coast, try Kennebunkport, Portland and Boothbay Harbor Maine. They won’t disappoint!

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