Touchdown: Texas

We booked a ticket this summer for San Antonio to visit a friend. I did my research before I went, talked to some people, but before I left all I really knew about San Antonio was the Riverwalk. I calculated what we would do there…five days only to visit the Riverwalk? Too much time. Only when we arrived, I realized there were so much more that we could do. We turned out to spend time not only in San Antonio, but also in Austin and a lovely little town called Wimberley.

Tower of the AmericasDowntown San AntonioWimberley

The thing about Texas that is vey different from our previous trips is that we stayed at a friend’s, who has actually lived in San Antonio for a few months. She has been around Texas and knew a lot of little things that only a local would know. Combine that with the tourist spots that we were dying to go to, and we got a complete trip.

And my, what a trip it was! Texas is very different from California, especially LA, in countless ways. Everything is bigger. The buildings are huge and spread out. It is much hotter and more humid. People dress light and casual, often with hats. Public transportation in the suburbs are hard to access, so other than Downtown, we travel by car. There is not many café just for desserts and coffee…most of the cafés there serve full-course meals!

San Antonio FreewaysRoad to Jacob's WellTexas State Capitol

The cities we visited are also very different, even though they are all in the same state. Austin is, for me, a little like LA…big city, hard to find parking, stores and hotels, bars, you name it. San Antonio is more laid-back with a rich and fascinating history. Wimberley is a beauty…small but lovely, with friendly people and plenty of things to keep you charmed.

Riverwalk FlowersLa VillitaMission Concepcion

A lot of what we did were unplanned. On our first day, when we first reached San Antonio, our friend suddenly declared that she needed to pick up her brother in Austin. So to Austin we went. Then we decided to go to a barbecue place two hours away, so we stopped at Wimberley, then to a swimming hole on the way. For one whole day we just walked around the Riverwalk, finding very interesting things along the way.

Downtown AustinIMG_0194Entrance to La Villita

I find to be very different from what I expected. It dazzled me in so many ways, so much more than I would ever imagine. When we returned to California, I was a little bit sad that my time in Texas had ended, but happy that I had the chance to spend time with friends and family there.

For the next few weeks we will point out a few things about Texas that fascinated us. Stay tuned to learn more about our take on the Lone Star State!


Missions | Riverwalk | Culture in San Antonio | Wimberley and Austin

34 thoughts on “Touchdown: Texas

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  2. Hi Ladies,
    I am new to your blog and your post re Texas caught my eye – I lived in San Antonio many, many years ago and return once a year or so to visit. My dearest friend Paula lives in Boerne (just north of San Antonio). It is a quaint town at the base of the Hill Country about an hour from Frederickburg and 30 minutes or so from Comfort. If you visit Boerne you must go to The Hungry Horse for lunch or dinner (owned by my friend Paula and her husband Steve) and to Mague’s for breakfast tacos. Also, liked your post about Chicago – my husband and I were there in early December to visit friends. Look forward to reading more of your travel adventures! Sandra
    P.S. Put a trip to the Lowcountry on your list! You will love it.


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