Mini-Trip to Catalina Island

Our visit to Catalina island was a treat for ourselves after a long week of work. We bought tickets to the island, leaving very early in the morning and returning very late at night. It was a lovely day trip, laid-back and relaxed, recharging us for a new week.


It took about an hour to get to Catalina from the harbor in the mainland. The waves beat softly against the ship, rocking us back and forth so gently that I dozed off a little. When I woke up and looked outside, I saw the island on the horizon. There were boats scattered by the shore. There were harbors painted green and blue. There was a great white building at the far side of the island; one that we later find out to be the Catalina Island Museum.

IMG_0658 Golf carts on the streets

When we first arrived, I was struck by how clear the water was…I could see the reds and oranges of the fishes under the water! We were starving so we around the complex looking for a place to eat. There were small ice-cream stores and seafood places, little coffee shops and fancy restaurants by the sea, and a small food-court type thing at the harbor that smelt wonderful!


Afterwards, we went to the harbor and bought tickets for the glass-bottom boat and the semi-submarine. The first provides us a view from above of the ecosystem under the sea; the semi-submarine allows us an even closer look. You can buy fish food for an additional fee and watch as they flock near your window.


We’re only here for one day but there is no rush to see everything. We enjoyed ourselves just walking through the streets, looking at the trinkets, at the boats in the harbor, eating ice-cream by the harbor, and taking walks along the beach. The sea smelt wonderful, with that salty, ‘fishy’ smell that one simply doesn’t get in mainland California. It reminds me of Indonesia and for some time we just stood there, by the sea, looking out into the horizon, content in looking at the beautiful view.

Beautiful buildingBy the seaAthena at the Harbor

We did not get the chance to see and do everything. We didn’t rent the paddleboats or the golf cart, didn’t go to the cruises or the safari island adventure. But what we did offered a nice respite from school life and work. It’s good to have mini-trips like this because it recharges and prepares us to go back to daily life.

FountainHouse on the HillsOn the streets of CAtalina

34 thoughts on “Mini-Trip to Catalina Island

  1. It all looks so magical! Everything is so bright and colorful. I would be too frightened to get on a glass-bottomed boat. What if there were sharks! I’ve seen too many Jaws movies…


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