Fall in Chicago

Fall in Chicago was the most picturesque setting I have had the pleasure to see. All the trees were ablaze in red and gold, with thick blankets of leaves littering the ground. There were birds and ducks everywhere, and little squirrels burrowing into the ground.

The wind was really strong and when the sun was down it would get very cold, but these are the only things that would mar the beauty of fall in Chicago.

Here are some of our most favorite pictures!

Fall trees



Chicago Art Museum



Fall colors


40 thoughts on “Fall in Chicago

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  2. Beautiful in fall. I’ve never been to Chicago, but I’ve got a coffee mug from there. My husband had to fly out once, and they had a couple hour layover; so, that’s the closest I’ve gotten. Haha😂 If I ever go, I think I’d like it best in Fall. 😉 Thanks for liking my Tuesday Treat post today. I’m glad you found me, and it lead me to your blog. 😊


  3. Beautiful. I’ve never been to Chicago. I have a mug from there, because my husband flew out once, and they had a couple hour layover…closest I’ve been yet. 😂 If I ever go, I’d like to go in the Fall.


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