Travel Checklist

These are a few essentials if you are traveling to another place:

☐ Passport with visa (if applicable). Bring this with you at all times. Don’t lose them. They are very, very important. Make a copy of your documents and store them someplace else in case you lose them (thanks pretentiousdork for the addition)!

☐ Picture ID. If you are traveling domestically, an ID should usually suffice. Make sure it’s a state-issued ID with a recognizable photo!

☐ Rules. Make sure you know the rules because when you’re on foreign ground, you follow foreign rules. Most important is rules about alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs…they may be legal in your country and punishable by fines, imprisonment, even death in others!

☐ Cell phone. Can’t survive without this. Make sure you buy a number from a regional carrier once you arrive. Plug in the number of your country’s embassy, emergency contact person, and others that you think may be of use. And don’t forget the charger!

☐ Camera (including battery and charger).

☐ Clothes. Just the necessities.

☐ Jackets, gloves and hats if you need them.

☐ Sunglasses! If you need this, you’d probably have to bring sunscreen as well.

☐ Comfortable shoes. Bring just one pair (unless you don’t mind the extra weight).

☐ Toothbrush, towel, and toiletries. Fellow ladies, bring pads/ tampons! Sometimes they don’t provide these in hotel rooms.

☐ Money in the correct currency. Make sure to check what’s the limit. If you need more, bring travel checks. Avoid using credit cards. They charge more. You don’t want to return home and realize you’ve overspent.

 Dictionary. Especially if you’re going to a non English-speaking country. Make sure you can be understood. If you know someone who speaks the language, go with them.

☐ Extra space in your suitcase(s). You will buy something.

You have everything checked? Then you’re good to go!

Feel free to add to the list! Use the comment box below to add anything.


Alysta Lim & Athena Lim

30 thoughts on “Travel Checklist

  1. I’ve survived without a cell phone in many foreign countries. It’s best to stick where you know your way around, and avoid doing anything stupid. Haha!


  2. I found these tips very helpful!
    Especially the pads/tampon tip 😛 I feel like that is an easy one to forget!
    You should also add chargers and adaptors 🙂


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