Where to Go Next? You Decide!

University life is busy, demanding, and fast-paced. Add a twenty hours/week job, social life, clubs and organizations, volunteering, and other responsibilities, and anyone will have a full agenda. While we love being active and involved in our community, it’s always good to take time away to relax.


This fall, we have a few places lined up already, but we have a four to five days holiday in November and we would like to hear YOUR opinion! Leave a comment below or send us a message about your suggestion. We only ask one thing: it has to be in the United States.


You are welcome to show us pictures you took, give us an itinerary, anything you like! Make us love your story. Make us want to visit.


We will take one lucky winner’s suggestion and feature them in our blog. After we go to the trip, we will write about the experience we will have, thanks to you!



We look forward to hearing your suggestions!



Alysta Lim & Athena Lim

22 thoughts on “Where to Go Next? You Decide!

  1. I agree with your other followers comments (especially Mackinaw Island in Michigan), however winter is a problem. For November I would recommend Arizona. Base out of Scottsdale so you are close to the downtown markets; 5 blocks of shopping and Arizona specialty shops. Then you have tons to pick from; Museums/Art, an old west town, and plenty of western fare restaurants. They have Hot Air Balloon rides, mountains, and mesa’s to explore. I have been there several times and loved it each time. The weather is very comfortable (not too cold like the Grand Canyon area) with low humidity (Take a shower in Phoenix and you don’t need to dry your hair.). For November, it would be my choice. I put 4 pictures I took the last time I was in Scottsdale on my Flickr Page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/130794242@N08/? just sort by date uploaded, they will be the most recent.

    Happy Trails,

    Kevin M.


      • Grand Canyon to the north is about 200 miles (about 3.5 hours). If you were going to start in Scottsdale and go up, just plan to spend the night (sunset is when to see the canyon for good pictures). Of course the Canyon itself has lots to do too. Antelope Canyon is a bit father (285 miles and 4.5 hours). To the south of Scottsdale is Tombstone (about 180 miles). You could either go the Scottsdale way for good shopping and city life with some close by nature such as mountains and mesas, but if your looking primarily for the nature, the Grand Canyon is the best way. From the Canyon you’ll find Antelope Canyon, and Zion National Park (has great horseback rides) within 2 to 2.5 hours each. And there is a train ride to the Canyon from Williams. AZ (I’ve not done that… yet.). From your blog posts, I know you’d love any of it. Oh, keep in mind that the temps are colder in the Grand Canyon in Nov. avg 50-60 daytime, and 20-30 nights. Mid Nov on can see snow, but not a lot.

        Kevin M.


  2. The best place to relax is Hilton Head, SC. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s a “no rush” place.
    You can go shopping, walk on the beach, take a leisurely bike ride, which is a pretty popular thing to do, or simply lounge at the beach with a good book!


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