Websites we use to plan our travels

A friend recently asked us what kind of websites we use to plan our travels, specifically to find out where to go and what to bring when visiting a new city. We have her a full list and thought that you would like to see them too. So here they are:


The first thing I do is google the city. A lot of information will pop up, and they are always useful to give an overview of the place we’re going to visit.


TripAdvisor is a great website. You can find out the top attractions to visit, walking and culinary tours around the city, and best of all, people’s thoughts and experiences in the comments section. As we compile our list of places to visit in a city, we would often consult TripAdvisor. On a side note, we also contribute on TripAdvisor, so feel free to check our page here.


I love Holiday Weather. It gives an overview of what the weather’s like in a city at any given time. I remember when we were planning our trip to Marrakech. It was January then, but Holiday Weather allows us to see what it’s going to be like in June. The website provides information on temperature (both in C and F), daylight hours, rainfall, and other information as well. 


Of course, some places might be more dangerous than others. We use VirtualTourist to find out what areas to avoid and what dangers might be present. It also gives tons of useful advice. When we were planning for our travel to San Antonio, we found out that we should bring flat shoes with good traction to walk on the Riverwalk so that we won’t slip or fall.


Yelp is always a good app to look for places to eat. I especially love to use Yelp to find cute coffee shops in nice neighborhoods to people watch.


It’s always a good idea to visit the city website or blog. It’s usually easy to find, and it gives a local viewpoint that emphasizes the best things about the place you’re visiting. In my opinion, the best thing about it is getting to know the neighborhoods around the city that are more low-key but that captures the culture perfectly.


Finally, you can always visit travel blogs (like ours!) to find out what other people have done in their trips. You can find tons of ideas and advice, and it’s always fun reading about other people’s experiences in a place you’re traveling to.


That’s it for now. We will share the resources we use for transportation and accommodation in a separate post.

Feel free to comment and add any other useful websites that you use!


Alysta Lim & Athena Lim

9 thoughts on “Websites we use to plan our travels

  1. Great blog, love the pic too. Online sites have been my go too as well before we head out. The research is a bit of the fun for me. I have been on Virtual Tourist since the beginning . I am eastern trekker there as well.


  2. On thing that I always do before we visit any particular place is do a search on Flickr to look for pictures. This seems to provide a better variety of pictures than Google Image Search.


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