Where Next? Peru or Japan?

We have a two-week break between the last day of Fall Semester and the beginning of Spring Semester. If you have been following us for a while, you’d know that we’ll take this chance to travel somewhere new!

Right now, we have two options: Peru and Japan. We would like to welcome your opinions and suggestions! There are only three weeks left, so write comments down below or send us an email! Tell us your recommendations (if you have been there) and why you would like to go (if you haven’t).

If you have a picture from a previous trip on Instagram, tag us @mypassengerdiaries and put the hashtag #wherenext so we can see it. We’ll choose one picture to feature on our social media and on the next blog post about our winter trip.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.



Alysta and Athena

19 thoughts on “Where Next? Peru or Japan?

  1. Japan! Am I too late?
    I’ve never been to Peru but I do live in Japan. Traveling in a country where English may or may not be understood will probably challenge and excite you. You have to try the food here, especially ramen and sushi.


  2. Peru, Peru. Not only does it have a better than fascinating history, it’s facing the Pacific. And believe it or not Peru is currently engaging in bringing China and Spain closer together. New arrangements between the pacific coast of South America and China may completely reshape the region and you will have been there at the cusp of it’s happening.


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