Where Next? Peru or Japan?

We have a two-week break between the last day of Fall Semester and the beginning of Spring Semester. If you have been following us for a while, you’d know that we’ll take this chance to travel somewhere new!

Right now, we have two options: Peru and Japan. We would like to welcome your opinions and suggestions! There are only three weeks left, so write comments down below or send us an email! Tell us your recommendations (if you have been there) and why you would like to go (if you haven’t).

If you have a picture from a previous trip on Instagram, tag us @mypassengerdiaries and put the hashtag #wherenext so we can see it. We’ll choose one picture to feature on our social media and on the next blog post about our winter trip.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.



Alysta and Athena

19 thoughts on “Where Next? Peru or Japan?

  1. While I’ve never been to Peru, I have been to a number of great places and all members of my family agree that Japan was far and away our favorite! I’ve written quite a lot about it on my blog! You really can’t go wrong! The people are friendly , food is fantastic, the history is ancient, and the list goes on….


  2. I have not been to Peru (although it tops my list of places to visit), but I have been to Japan. I flew into Osaka Kansai International airport and arriving at 6:00 pm their time, got some dinner and turned in. I stayed at the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, which was reasonably priced for a luxury hotel. The next day it was a simple matter of taking the train to Kyoto to spend the day touring the many castles. My favorite was Nijo castle. I used the bus services, although you can also travel by taxi. Of course any trip to Japan is not complete without a visit to Tokyo via the bullet train. It’s about 3 hours one way for the 300+ mile trip at speeds up to 200 mph (including stops the train make along the way). See http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2018.html for more info. I do highly recommend it, and hope to return there again one day.


  3. I have not been to Japan – my first international trip in my mid-20’s was to Peru. I had to see Machu Picchu, Cuczo, and Lima. I say go to Peru. I’ve made several trips – went to Arequipa and out on the Altiplano. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend who took care of travel details. At the time, the train was running to Huancayo – an exciting trip on the world’s highest railroad. On the flip side, Japan has so much to offer in culture, history, food, geography, Zen. . . . .let us know.


    • Regarding Peru, we would love to go to Machu Picchu…but we had to go to Cusco, and that is far away from Lima. In your experience, what kind of arrangement did you make to get from one city to another? One of our friends actually went there recently and he mentioned eating llama meat…did you have any?


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