We’re Doing Interviews!

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to bring other travel bloggers to Mypassengerdiaries to give you different perspectives about travel. How will we do that? We’re going to interview travel bloggers and ask about their experiences, their traveling style, and other fun stuff.

If you have a travel blogger that you want us to interview, feel free to drop suggestions in the comment box. If you want to be interviewed yourself, go ahead and put your name there. We accept everyone’s suggestions, so don’t be shy.

Stay tuned for more!


Athena & Alysta

57 thoughts on “We’re Doing Interviews!

  1. Hiii ! This sounds very interesting 🙂 I’ve been traveling non-stop ever since I can remember.. never lived more than 5 years in one place and now adays I’m on a plane once every 2 weeks. Any chance to the The Bird in Space featured would be awesome !


  2. I’m really looking forward to reading this! I plan on travelling South East Asia from February 2018 onwards, and it would be wonderful to delve into the community of travel bloggers to read their experiences around the world!


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