Downtown Los Angeles Arts District

Downtown LA’s revitalization in recent years has attracted many artists from around the world. These creative types can often be seen in Downtown LA’s Arts District, a lively hub of art that perfectly captures Los Angeles’ unique dynamic energy. For today’s edition of Around LA, we’ll share a little bit about the Arts District and why it’s one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city.

The Arts District offers many different things, including vegan restaurants, breweries, and cocktail bars. Gigantic abandoned warehouses were transformed into stylish stores, galleries and museums. Graffiti covered most surfaces, from brick walls, parking meters, even the ground at times. Painted faces, words and symbols peeked at us from every corner, each holding its own meaningful secrets.



People strolled leisurely in their stylish clothes and dyed hair, taking pictures with their friends, exploring boutique bookstores or lining up for ice cream in the famous Salt & Straw. Music floated merrily in the air, mixing with people’s conversations and laughter. Sounds fun? It always is.

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

We decided to see an exhibition that recently opened at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, a Los Angeles branch of an international contemporary arts gallery. The gallery was located in a restored 100,000-square-foot flour mill complex, which gave the architecture a unique character. The exhibition was created by Jason Rhoades and included six installations that are both chaotic and beautiful. Check out the photos below to see what they look like!




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