Cats of Old San Juan

We mentioned how our trip to Puerto Rico had unexpected surprises – one of the good ones is the multitude of cats roaming the streets of Old San Juan. One of the reasons why is because people give them food; some leave them on the streets, some bring out leftovers at an appointed hour (resulting in many cats waiting by the door when it’s almost time).

As cat lovers (we have three, along with two dogs), we love taking pictures of them. Cats are incredibly fluid creatures, often photogenic, and the ones we saw in Puerto Rico had personality. Check out some of our favorites below:

Majestic Cat in Old San Juan

Waiting for Food, Old San Juan

Resting from the Afternoon Sun

Cat in Old San Juan

Cat food, Old San Juan

Drinking Water

Surprised, Old San Juan

With love,

Alysta and Athena


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