Interview: The Worldly Journal

Tara Clifford, who just started the blog The Worldly Journal, might be new in blogging. But with 35 countries under her belt, she’s definitely a seasoned traveler. This London-based Australian has filled countless travel journals in her years of travel, and will start inspiring others through her blog.


Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I have a twin sister.  She lives back home in Sydney but will be coming to visit me in London in a few months, can’t wait!

Q: What drove you to start traveling?

Travelling is something I have always loved but my passion for it really began at the end of high school. I used all my savings from working part-time in the local supermarket to go on my first overseas trip (alone) to California after graduation to stay with a friend for a month who had come to Australia on exchange. It really opened my eyes to other ways of living and new experiences – since then I have been hooked and travel whenever I can!

Q: Do you travel full-time or part-time?

Technically part-time but sometimes it does feel like full-time! I try to combine work/study with travel as much as possible! For instance, for my undergrad degree studying international studies I ‘had’ to move to Granada, Spain to study for a year. After completing my degree, I then moved back to Spain work as a teacher’s language assistant in Madrid. More recently, I have have moved to London to work and my current job has taken me to Egypt twice this year, remarkably!

Q: What’s your next destination?

I will be heading on a 2 week USA trip in a few days for a good friend’s wedding who I worked with in Madrid.

Route: New York –> Washington –> San Francisco –> Portland –> Eugene

Q: If you can go anywhere- with no restrictions on money, transportation, time, safety, etc- where would it be?

I really want to move to South America for a while (I have only been to Argentina & Brazil) so let’s say that… It’s going to happen!

Q: Where’s the best place you’ve been to?

I absolutely adore Spain for the lifestyle and the fiestas. The Mediterranean I love and not to mention Brazil is amazing too! However, I also just love the memories and adventures of going places off the beaten track like camping in the Sahara Desert or my recent road trip through Transylvania. Even a trip to Kakadu in Australia was incredible in my own backyard!

Q: Any advice for travelers?

Never let anyone say you can’t go or you don’t have enough money. Egypt is somewhere I never would have dreamed I would go and I did. There are always avenues to give you the ability to travel; combining work and play is one of them. Look up volunteer opportunities or work programs with governments (these are mainly teaching eg. Spain, Chile, Japan..). They might not be your dream roles but you won’t regret the experiences!

Another tip is to combine your travel with unique experiences if possible. Look for what festivals and traditions are coming up and see if you can line it up so you’re there at the same time.


Check out Tara’s blog post “Six Months in London” to mark her 6th month anniversary of living in London!


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