7 Reasons Why Flamenco Beach is the Best in the World

A friend told us the moment we mentioned we were going to Puerto Rico to visit Flamenco Beach in Culebra. “Do it,” he said. “If it’s the only thing you do there, do it.”

He talked about the quiet surf, the white sands, the pristine blue sea. We were not convinced. As twins who grew up roaming the beaches of Bali and Lombok (our childhood shoes were always filled with sand, our pockets with seashells), it was hard to believe people’s claims.

In the end, we did what he recommended and, to our surprise, discovered that Flamenco Beach surpassed some of the most beautiful beaches back home in Indonesia.

We boiled it down to seven different factors:


Located in the island of Culebra, Flamenco Beach is less accessible than other beaches in Puerto Rico. We took a yacht ride from San Juan (there are also ferry rides to take you to Culebra). On our way there, we stopped to bathe in the sea and snorkel. The reefs were beautiful; a huge expanse of floral and gnarled and breezy corals that burst in vivid purples, yellows and greens. Sadly, we forgot to bring our underwater camera.

The yacht, called El Caribe, stopped about forty feet away from the beach. We swam to shore and, upon arriving, plopped down on the sand. We didn’t expect to have to swim to shore, so we had to put our phones in Ziploc bags and swim with one hand in the air. The lesson for you? Bring waterproof phone containers!

Culebra Island

2. SEA

The sea is clear and turquoise, lapping gently against the shore. The water is warm, the waves frothy. When we jumped in the middle of the sea, halfway between Culebra and San Juan, the sea was so clear that we could see the fishes even before we put on our snorkeling equipment!

Snorkeling in Culebra


We have visited many, many beaches but never have we seen sand as white and smooth. There weren’t many shells and the terrain was mostly flat…perfect for sunbathing!

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico



Since Flamenco Beach is located at a more remote location, it is quieter. There weren’t many people, giving plenty of space between groups to run and relax. It’s definitely a step up from those crowded beaches we’ve been to, where skins seem to stick together and the air is taut with heat.

At Flamenco Beach



No explanation necessary. Just look at how clean the beach is from these pictures.

The Twins at Flamenco Beach



Fewer people at the beach mean a more relaxed atmosphere. Strangers offered to take pictures of us; in turn, we help them as well. There is no jostling, no loud arguments, no dagger glances here.

at Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico



All of these different things – the beautiful sea and sand, the cleanliness, the few people – contribute to a picturesque and photogenic landscape. Snap plenty of pictures…no other beach is as instagram-worthy!

Snorkeling and swimming at Culebra



Alysta and Athena


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