Mall-Hopping in Singapore

Years ago, when Indonesia didn’t have a lot of shopping malls like it does now, a lot of people would fly to Singapore for shopping sprees. Wealthy people would go there at least once a month and splurge on luxury brands like Hermes or Chanel or Louis Vuitton (there aren’t any shortages of high-end luxury products in Singapore).

The rest of us… well, we’re not so lucky. But when we did go to Singapore and bring home our shopping bags from Singapore, we would be considered “cool.”

Those times are gone now. Major cities in Indonesia have tons of malls with many brands now. But somehow, Singapore’s malls still hold an attraction that we just can’t ignore. Maybe it’s the feeling of going from one mall to the next without ever having to go outside (because the outdoors is so passé, right?). Maybe it’s the abundance of great food. Maybe it’s the buildings themselves. Who knows?

Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard Road

From countless times going to Singapore and visiting the malls, we have a list of our favorite shopping malls:

Orchard Road

Not really a mall, just a long, long road with malls on every side. You can find anything on Orchard Road, from tiny malls with dollar stores to high-end malls with every major luxury brand known to man. There are even malls for specific things, like a gadget and technology mall. Best of all: most of the malls are connected to each other via underpasses. There’s no need to get outside and brave the heat and humidity to get into a different building! When you do get out, you will see a vast array of street performers and the beloved Singapore ice cream carts.

Performer at Orchard Road

At ION Orchard

When we were small, we would spend most of our time in Ngee Ann City because of its gigantic Kinokuniya Bookstore. The sight of the mall’s iconic russet-colored towers brings back memories of long days spent reading books, drinking afternoon tea, getting lost at the food court, and shopping for clothes.

Other malls are memorable too. Lucky Plaza has some of the best and most affordable food in the area. ION Orchard dazzles with its ultramodern design (and it has a very cozy food court). For more malls visit the Orchard Road site.

Paragon, Orchard Road

Orchard Road


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Most of you probably have seen a picture of this mall on postcards, Instagram photos, or somewhere in a magazine. With its iconic architecture, state-of-the-art facilities, ultra-luxurious brands, and beautiful views, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is truly an experience by itself. Keep your eyes open for a future post about the mall, the hotel, and other places in the Marina Bay.

At Marina Bay

Nighttime at Marina Bay

Other Malls in Singapore

Other places to visit include Raffles City Shopping Centre (conveniently located near the historic Raffles Hotel), Bugis Junction (part indoor mall, part outdoor walk), Vivocity (the largest shopping mall in Singapore), and Esplanade Mall (famous for its theatre and live shows).


Of course, we can’t really cover every mall in Singapore. Let us know in the comments which mall is your favorite!


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